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"You must first Want to Win, you must Plan to Win, you must Prepare to Win, and only then can you truly Expect to Win."

~ Zig Ziglar ~

Motivational Speaker and Business Advisor

Where We Work...

Deep experience creates broad successes... We have consulted in over 15 different industries ranging from traditional manufacturing and high-technology to service and government.

  • We have restructured more than 70 companies over the last 15 years, with 8 of them yielding savings to the bottom line greater than $100 million within 12-18 months of completing a project.

  • We have reduced inventories by 50-70%.

  • We have reduced cycle times by over 50%.

  • We have increased capacity by 200-300%.

  • We have improved yield by 5 - 25%.

  • We have improved time-to-market on the order of 50%.
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