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"A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits... They will be embarrassingly large."

~Henry Ford~

Founder of Ford Motor Company

Service Industries...

With the continued off-shoring of manufacturing to developing nations, and the rapid increase in skilled labor in those countries, developed nations increasingly find themselves relying on knowledge and service based businesses to maintain their global economic position.  The shift from the industrial age to the information age has created a surge in service based businesses; these businesses face unique challenges not present in the industrial economy.  In addition, a rapidly changing business environment, and increasing customer expectations, leaves many service firms struggling to provide high levels of service and quality, while maintaining profitability.

Today’s customers demand that service companies meet or exceed their expectations through:

  • High Levels of Coverage
  • High Quality of Service
  • Continuity of Service
  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Consistent Positive Experience

Many firms try to address these issues by purchasing and deploying the latest Customer Relationship Management software or other IT infrastructure to automate their services.  While technology can significantly help automation, technology alone cannot address critical customer service issues. Most customer service issues stem from sub-optimal business processes, and the lack of organizational alignment to customer service objectives.  These issues are further compounded by the lack of integration of technology into business processes which cause varying degrees of service quality and customer experience.

Often, the key to overcoming these challenges lies in developing optimized business processes that support the service objectives. Optimized processes are those that have been simplified to use minimal time and resources to consistently achieve the end objective. BLMC excels at understanding the current landscape, redesigning processes for maximum efficiency, simultaneously designing technology solutions that are completely aligned to the optimized processes, and restructuring the organization to support the redesigned processes and supporting technology.

This is a significant undertaking that requires a detailed end-to-end understanding of the As-Is state, creating optimized To-Be processes, and designing the technology solutions in alignment with the optimized processes. BLMC has an excellent track record of aligning our clients’ business processes and information technology systems to facilitate order-of-magnitude performance improvement.


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